Friday, 26 September 2014

Learn to Secure your WhatsApp from being hacked

i3indya Technologies, A Cyber Consultant and Training Organisation has recently introduced a 2 days Awareness workshop on WhatsApp Hacking and Security

With the increasing use of Social Media among the youth, today many hacking techniques have come into the market and to aware the public about the same, i3indya Technologies has taken an initiative to reduce the Cyber Crime.

A workshop on "WHATSAPP ATTACKS, SECURITY AND FORENSIC INVESTIGATION" presented by i3indya Technologies.

This Session is Divided Into 3 Parts

Part 1. How Hacker Perform these Attacks
Part 2. How We Implement Security Against these Attack
Part 3. How We Investigate & Solve these Types of Cases.


1. Learn things from common Whatsapp hacking upto advanced techniques which
hackers use to hack Whatsapp.

2. You can be safe on Social Media after this workshop.


* Students / Professionals interested in WhatsApp Hacking & Security.

* School Students and college students who are on WhatsApp regularly.

To Conduct the awareness workshop on WhatsApp Hacking & Security visit:

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